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about x.sounding

site for Neuemusik. Klangkunst . Musikshaffende ... 

COMPOSER & media/sound ARTIST

international creative LAB

digital ARCHIVE

community for contemporary music


x. - a mark of position. unknown. possibilities. indefinite

sounding - we are making sounds

x.sounding is founded by composer weiwei xu with support by her colleagues and friends. we are a new music and creative team online, Via internet, we collaborate with each other. we focus in contemporary music both in Electronic & Acoustic. we wish to bring our sounds closer to the deep listener and art lover.

In recent years, we would like to establish connection with musician, media artist and contemporary music composers, and develop a network community. In near future, x.sounding plans to engage with forum, public presentation and sound installation in local gallery and multi-media hall, public space. at the moment, x.sounding function as digital archive and creative team. 

x.sounding is 100% artist run, We do need support for us to cover the basic cost and artistic work. We would like to ask a small donation from 10-50 Euro. Your donation will be our budget to lunch project & support our network artist & musician. Connect with us to know the benefit.

network born

Weiwei Xu, a Shanghai-born composer, she studied in Singapore and Graz. After she moved back to Shanghai, she talked with Jose Luis Martinez, philosopher and composer, and the two founded x.sounding online. 

LINK to weiwei's artistic profile -

LINK to listen Jose's music - Soundcloud José Luis Martínez M.


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