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digital score engraving

WE do professional score at the advanced level. which means we support engraving style from classical to contemporary. we engrave score with software Finale, Sibelius & Illustrator. WE charge fee based on the level of difficulty and the amount needed for creating your digital score. please download the form and fill in your request in detail and send us back to OR add 微信 x-sounding.

团队提供乐谱制作服务,古典-当代。所用软件 Finale, Sibelius & Illustrator. 我们根据乐谱难度和制作时间收费,请下载我们的表格并填写您的制谱需求,并将表格发送至邮箱 或者添加微信 x-sounding

new music / composition 

x.sounding composers compose music for contemporary music performance at multimedia hall, exhibition and immersive listening experience in gallery and open spaces. Please write us commission at



audio - design & production

x.sounding collaborates with STUDIO that supports Dolby ambi-sonic technology in Shanghai. we would like to offer you services including 3D audio design, audio editing & mastering.


digital store

the aim of our store is to provide your creation getting sold to music or art lovers. So they could study or enjoy. We handle every inquiry manually.we welcome composers & creator to use our digital store for to earn directly from your work. 

We handle each product one by one manually. please contact weiwei xu (China) or jose luis martinez M. (Europe) first. 

x.sounding currently support

paypal transfer (basically every curency supported by paypal)

bank transfer, wechat pay and alipay (within CHINA)

If the payment method does not work for you, you could also suggest ways for a better collaboration. 

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