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In IMPROV 17 (by Paul Millette, Miles Jefferson Friday, and Ethan Campa),


we aim to construct communities where sound can serve as a site for critical inquiry to be realized, not just in the abstract, but in practice. Within this guiding principle, we view improv as a form of project-based research, where we utilize music technologies and engage with embodied practice as a means of exploring personal subjectivities of auditory reception, re-thinking instruments and/as objects, and proposing ways in which sound-based practice can operate more dynamically and equitably. 

- Paul Millette, Miles Jefferson Friday, and Ethan Campa

Paul Millette - percussion

Miles Jefferson Friday - electronics

Ethan Campa - drum set Chris Castillo - video recording

Miles Jefferson Friday - audio recording

Miles Jefferson Friday - a/v editing

UTSA ARTS CUBE - location



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