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AT THE MOMENT, x.sounding has archived pieces by young and professional composers: weiwei xu, jose luis martinez m., danny imson, joav chorev, hans martin...

we present you: 

<klang von DIEEE>





WE are connecting to freelance artist & composers world-widely. Hopefully we can bring you more collection in the next year.


we archive pieces from living composers. From the archive, we will think of a conceptual name to categorize pieces from different composers, a sound collection is therefore formed and will be on our website. The concept and ideas can be further presented to our listener and art institution for local sound installation or cultural event. 


we warmly invite you to be our fan on Bandcamp page x-Ist, the LABEL of x.sounding. several albums are now available! once bought, free for personal and educational use. For sound installation, public streaming license, please contact us to request permission. We will offer you a reasonable price. Any commercial use without contacting x.sounding & composers will be considered violation to the copyright law.


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